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Thanks for stopping by. We hope you can visit us sometime soon.

Everyone is special, wonderfully unique. God made each person that way. On the other hand, none of us here is perfect.

Here at Immanuel Church everyone is welcome as they are; unique, wonderful …and imperfect.

We are confident about the future and would love you to come and see what God is doing with our little church where everyone matters.

God’s plans on earth have always centred on Him being with groups of people, living with Him as their God. And that is what we are doing.


Revd Ben Redding

"I came that they may have life and have it abundantly."
- Jesus Christ (John 10:10)


The letter to the Philippians exudes great joy, even though apostle Paul the author wrote the letter while under house arrest. Paul did not know what the future held—whether he would be released or executed. Yet, instead of giving in to cynicism or miserable self-pity, he displayed Christ-like resiliency. How?

This letter shows us how to know the Lord Jesus and the joy that only He can bring, that can’t be taken away from us even in the most difficult circumstances


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